You already have lots of different systems and apps.  So why does it take so long to get answers out? Because every time you change something – design, material, supplier, location, etc. – everything else may change, too. So you tediously collect, connect and analyze data to figure out how one change impacts another. That means transferring information from one place to another, inside and outside your organization.
Sound business decisions need data from multiple sources.  Modeling and geo-mapping your entire value chain early is essential to act fast. Only none of your tools were designed to do that.  To go after new markets, lower cost, reduce risk, or become sustainable, your product data needs to be reconfigured, every time.  Circular design requires even more advanced skills, data, and costing, not readily available today. The “re-” of products is enabled at design stage, not at end-of-life.
That’s why we’ve put together the largest, high-performance data platform around how things are made. This helps model and improve costs, compliance and competitiveness, at any point in your value chain, in a fraction of the time.


Everycs' Makersite with Dynamic Data Integration© vs. ``Stewardship Solutions``. Answers may vary by vendor.



Preloaded data Yes No/some
Data records Millions Thousands
Connected Data Yes No
Speed Seconds Minutes/hours
Mobile access Yes No
Modeling Yes, real-time No
Third party integrations Yes No
Geo Maps Yes No
Supply Chain Data Yes No
Collaboration Yes/Integrated No/limited
Data Object Security Yes No
Data Query Anyone Experts only
Community access Yes No
In-app support Yes No
Open and Commercial data Yes No
Procurement Single license Multiple licenses
Developer API Yes No
Capacity Petabytes Gigabytes
Dynamic Data Integration© Yes No
Data Updates Continuous Annualized