Quality data, Lightning-fast Analytics and Smart Interfaces.

A unique data platform to predict and model product costs, risks, impacts, and opportunities. Here is how it works.

Your Product Ideas

Connect your product definition – whether an initial design or a final BOM/Formulation – through a spreadsheet or API integrations.

Model and Manage your Performance in the Everix Cloud

The Everix Cloud automatically enriches your product model with data from multiple streams including our partners, your own team, suppliers, associations, researchers, and a community of professionals like yourself. It empowers you to predict and manage opportunities, costs, regulations or impacts on people and environment – in seconds. We keep things connected in the background, so innovation and science are instantly transformed into meaningful answers for you.

Your Apps and Dashboards

Deliver your insights and analytics to applications that you and your team use everyday. Data remains connected, so changes are continuously updated for everyone.


Integrations make it easy for any business to start analyzing data faster. Reusable and modular, each Integration is pre-integrated data – created by the data analysts at everycs – that can be used to quickly build your data model on the Makersite data platform in a way that fits your business needs.